Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr - He Paved the Way for Obama

I spend so much time reading other people's great blogs that I hardly ever post myself - LOL - But today I just feel like it. So there. Haha.

No, really, it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I just wanted to say "thank you" to the memory of such a wonderful man, a great leader and a champion for so many. His "dream" was not just for a better world fir his fellow African Americans. His dream was for all Americans, regardless of color, ethnic background, religion, whatever to live in peace and harmony with liberty and justice for all. A truly great American he was, and I'm still sad he was lost to us so young and through such a senseless killing.

God bless and keep you, Martin Luther King Jr., and wherever you are, I know you MUST be smiling this week as the first ever African American swears in as President of the United States of America. The work you did, Martin, helped pave the way for this historical happening. We have not forgotten you. We still love you.

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Dani said...

Hi Annie, I'm not sure if we know each other personally, but I've been waiting to see a post from you here on your blog, and believe you picked a great topic! I do believe Martin Luther King Jr's dream is finally coming true, matter of fact, as I write this, I'm watching in the inauguration now, lol.

Hope to be able to read more!